LED lighting design, installation, and commissioning

Dave Casey has designed, installed, commissioned and is maintaining complete lighting schemes for a variety of private, commercial, public and industrial properties. From small dwellings to large warehouses, from small bed and breakfast to large hotel premises, from colleges to universities, and from council housings to housing associations, we have done it all. With years in the electrical trade, and with continuous repeat business, we are able to provide any type of property a complete LED lighting solution whether it is indoor or outdoor. We have a team of lighting design experts that the sole aim is to work with you to clarify and define your needs. When we are done with defining your needs,  we draw on our expertise and experience to design a lighting scheme that directly fits your requirements. We have access to the best catalog of lighting fixtures and components, which we specifically use to provide you with the most appropriate solution. But our aim in doing all of these extra steps is to ensure that you have an LED lighting scheme that reduces your running costs. The overall objective is to install an LED lighting solution that reduces your energy consumption without reducing your lighting flux, meaning a lighting source that does not reduce your luminosity. And our final objective is to ensure that we help you reduce your impact on the environment by using our LED lighting solution.

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