Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technologies

Dave Casey offers a number of services in hydrogen technologies. These include the design, install, commission and maintain full or partial integrated energy systems.

Dave and Casey have developed a number of hydrogen and fuel cell systems. Below provides a couple of pictures of the different hardware designed and installed.

What type of Hydrogen work we do?

We offer a wide variety of services as a hydrogen technology company:

  • Devise early concepts with our customers
  • Design full and partial hydrogen system
  • Provide hydrogen fuel cell solutions
  • Support the procurement process of the equipment
  • Project manage the delivery of the hydrogen hardware
  • Install the equipment onsite
  • Commission the hydrogen system
  • Support in the day-to-day operation of the hydrogen system
  • Maintain the hydrogen system
  • Provide portable, transport, and stationary solutions

Hydrogen electrolyser

Dave Casey design hydrogen electrolyser solutions. Our electrolyser solution can be installed in a container or in a building that is designed for hydrogen production with the appropriate safety system in place.

In our containerised solution, the hydrogen electrolyser is installed and tested ready for it to be shipped to your site for installation. The safety mechanisms and systems are put in place to ensure the highest safety is achieved.

The below picture illustrates one of our hydrogen electrolyser being tested prior to shipment to a client site. Extra systems are bolt onto the electrolyser to test its operation. These are then removed and shipped to the client where we install and commission the electrolyser. We also offer maintenance and operation support.

Electrolyser in a container

Hydrogen electrolyser as installed at a client’s site

We have installed hydrogen electrolysers in confined space areas. The below electrolyser was installed in a container and tested at our facilities. It was then shipped to our client for final installation and commissioning.

Electrolyser installed at Client site

Hydrogen fuel cell systems

Dave Casey design complete hydrogen fuel cell solutions. Our fuel cell solutions incorporate their integration into a larger hydrogen system. For instance, we can install fuel cells outdoor or indoor depending on your site requirements.

Our capabilities allow us to support the stationary and transport sectors. We are able to provide fuel cell solutions for cars, trucks or other transport solutions. This includes the design and installation of the fuel cell, but also ancillaries such as the accredited storage tank, the pipes, the safety system, the control of the overall operation of the fuel cell including the management of the battery.

The below picture illustrates a fuel cell system that was designed for ease of transport around different sites. the aim was that the safety system, the AC system, and the DC solution were all inside the same container. Instead of having to design a safety system for each site where the fuel cell is to be temporarily used, the solution that Dave Casey devised is to have a transportable fuel cell scheme where the overall system is secured, safe and ready to be used.

The other option offered for this system was the transportable hydrogen tanks, which provided several hours of operation of the fuel cell. This solution is appropriate for temporary lighting, backup power, etc.

Fuel cell in container and hydrogen storage

Below is another fuel cell. The picture was taken during the installation of the fuel cell in a container.

Fuel cell installed

Hydrogen fuel cell and electrolyser telemetry

Dave Casey specialises in telemetry having installed hundreds of security systems around the UK. We offer complete control and monitoring solutions for hydrogen and fuel cell systems. We also can provide systems where there is no need for telemetry, but a high degree of control and local monitoring for operating the overall system. The below picture illustrates a very basic control and monitoring system, where the battery logo (bottom left, in blue) is, in fact, the fuel cell operating at full power, which is 5kW. The fuel cell supply 100% of the load, while the grid is on standby.

Hydrogen fuel cell telemetry


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